About Us

What do you know about WASARD?

Our Vision
We envision a healthy society with improved water and land resources management for food, livelihood and environment.
Our Mission
To harness water and other land resources for sustainable development.
Our Goal
To improve on the livelihood of the common man through meaningful involvement of all stakeholders in water, food and environmental related issues.


Water, Sanitation and Rural Development (WASARD) Organisation is a non-governmental organization focusing on the sustainable use of portable water and other land resources to ensure a healthy livelihood

Strategic Objectives

1. To create public awareness on water management, health and environment.
2. To empower communities to participate in environmental decisions and to use the law to protect the environment.
3. To identify specific water-related problems of the under-privileged people.
4. To deal with water scarcity and related food scarcity issues.
5. To undertake research projects on water-related issues, development and food security.
6. To establish information resources centers/databases.
7. To participate in the policy making process that affects water management.
8. To network with other organizations and agencies who share our goals.
9. To source for funding facilities for such organizations and agencies identified in item 7 above.
10. To provide capacity building for such organizations and agencies as identified in item 7 above.
11. To develop indigenous and sustainable techniques, using labour based approach in maintaining access roads.